Roblox Free Items All That You Want

Free store items are those that can be obtained without spending any Robux. Freebies are frequently made available as part of a larger promotion, and they may only be accessible for a short period of time.

All of the catalog’s freebies may be found on this page.

Some of our other pages, such as Promo Codes and Creator Challenges, offer “free” things.


How do I use the freebies? “

The Roblox catalogue page for each item listed here can be accessed by clicking on it. On the catalogue page, click the green Get button.

Roblox Free Items

The item will be in your inventory and accessible in the Avatar editor after you press the Get button.

For those of you who want to spruce up your Roblox avatar but are short on Robux, this is the spot for you! This post is a comprehensive list of all the free Roblox products and clothing that may be obtained. Whether you’re looking for an emote, a headband or a hat for your avatar there’s something for you!


To receive free avatar items, there is a method that is not mentioned in this tutorial. On our Roblox Promo Codes page, you’ll find codes for additional products. If you don’t have Robux, there are many more ways to earn avatar items!

Brand-new Roblox Items Available for Free

Listed here are the most recent free clothing and avatar pieces that have been made available in the game. Some of them are only available for a short period of time, so don’t miss out!


Hologram pet and jetpack from CharlixCX are now available.

The CharliXCX Hologram Pet may be yours if you follow this tutorial from DeeterPlays and travel to the Samsung Superstar Galaxy Experience. The Charli Jetpack can also be obtained by following this guide.
TJ Donut Headphones are arrived!

To get the TJ Donut Headphones for your avatar, simply enter the Tommy Play experience.


Items by Givenchy

The new Givenchy Beauty House offers a wide range of products. Listed below are all of the things, with a link to a video that explains how to obtain them.


Lock Necklace 1.0 and 2.0 (Video)

The Le Rouge Cross-Body Bag and the 4G Cap (Video)

First and Third Generation Backpacks (Video)

The 4G Sunglasses (Video)

It’s a Boombox Glitch

By playing the Samsung Superstar Galaxy experience, you can acquire the Glitch Boombox shoulder accessory. This video by DeeterPlays will show you how.


Tommy Hilfiger Gifts for the Taking

Tommy Play has five objects that may be obtained by accomplishing various tasks. To find out how to get your hands on some, watch the video below!
TJ BMX Backpack That You Can Wear

Complete the introduction in Tommy Play to receive a free TJ Wearable BMX Backpack.


Tate McRae was granted a boarding pass.

If you go to the Tate McRae Concert Experience and gather 20 different coins, you can get the Boarding Pass item back. Check out this DeeterPlays video to find them all.


Glasses and More by Gucci

Go to Gucci Town and complete the lesson to get the Gucci Oversized Sunglasses for free! The following video demonstrates how to obtain the following additional four items:

T-Shirt with Purple Hat by SOFI TUKKER

By going to the page on the Roblox Avatar Shop and clicking the big green get button, you can acquire the SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat and the Wet Tennis T-Shirt!


Patchwork Coat Screenshot

You may earn a free Screenshot Patchwork Jacket for your avatar by running around the Spotify Island Experience area and grinding/sliding on various things. To earn a badge and the jacket, you must complete this task a total of 20 times.


Headband and Shoebox Costume for Nike Fury

The Nike Fury Headband and Shoebox Costume may be obtained by completing objectives in Nikeland. Check out DeeterPlays videos on the Headband and Costume to understand how to obtain them.


Capsule by Puma Essentials

The Puma Essentials Cap may be obtained by completing the tutorial in the Puma and the Land of Games encounter. You’ll spend a lot of time listening to the game’s NPCs explain things to you. Once you’ve done this, you should see a message appear informing you that the item has been delivered.


CICADES by Clarks

Clarks’ CICAVERSE event is a great opportunity to stock up on new goods! Learn how to obtain them all in the next video!

A selection of Samsung products from the Super Galaxy line

Play Samsung Super Galaxy to get the Z Flip3 item. If you’re not sure how to do it, check out this video by DeeterPlays. Unlocking this item is as simple as following the in-game instructions.


As a bonus, achieving the game’s objectives will provide you access to additional Charli XCX Cheerleader gear! DeeterPlays has a video on how to do this.